Who we are

Founded in 2012, Logilink India Private Limited is a company formed with a vision of creating an “ Integrated Supply Chain Eco-system ” that is enabled through technology, we call it Integrated Digital Logistics.
Logilink designs, develops and delivers value across to all stake holders by creating partnerships and innovative logistics solutions that are powered by our proprietary technology products.
We deliver value by partnering with Customer (Demand) and Service Partners (Supply) in developing specialised solutions and services.
Our technology brings in visibility, transparency and location intelligence in the supply chain. Our technology is platform and device agnostic, and being modular in nature brings in agility and ease to adapt. Our approach, analytics works on the collect, predict and do model, thus creating value to the eco-system.
We as a team are setting standards for excellence, growing and succeeding together in our business.

Our Vision

We will develop and deliver “ Specialised Solutions “ that enhance our customer's value.

Our solutions will create new markets , eliminate pain points, reduce risk and optimise utilisation of resources while remaining true to our core values.

Our Mission

To create and Integrated logistics eco-system that delivers value to all stakeholders and in the process Simplify Logistics.

We see ourselves as market leader in the  managed logistics solutions space in the SAARC region by 2026.

Our Team